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        Twinstar International Logistics Ltd was established on March 2011. Our headquarter is based in Hong Kong and we have branches located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen. Twinstar is a Sea Freight and Air cargo transportation service provider by planes and ocean to more than 100 cities of the world and other airlines and carriers from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to CIS countries, Eastern and the Western Europe, the Middle East, America, etc..

          As an international freight forwarder, we specialize in both importing and exporting air and ocean shipments throughout the world. We have a view that people are the most important assets of a company. All our staffs are professionally trained with depth understanding to cope with the complexities of international transaction.

         Our staffs can arrange shipments from the start to finish, satisfying the need of both shippers and consignee by providing clean paperwork, prompt shipping detail information, and timely arrivals of cargo at destination.

         We realize the importance of quick and fast communication to enhance the quality of the services to be rendered to our clients. Though the most advanced computers and fax machines we are able to provide the pre advice of cargo on a timely basis & maintain control of the progress of shipments'.

The office is computerized and connected through e-mail. All enquiries are responded to in a prompt and professional manner.

We have substantial bargaining power with all carriers to obtain contract rate to meet your needs.

We all believe and are confident to keep our commitments :   

- To our Principle                    - We believe in Total Customer Satisfaction.

- To our Customers                  - We assure quality and personalized services.

- To our Agents                       - We continue to guarantee economical and smooth operations.

In the line with Hong Kong evident potentials, Twinstar International Logistics Ltd is fully equipped and firmly committed to live up to the demands and standards of the international cargo market, as well as the growing needs of the domestic market through its expanded Shipping, Customs Brokerage, Air Freight, Forwarding, Trucking and the Warehousing Operation.



美利達國際物流有限公司 TwinStar International Logistics Limited
Address: Rm 10, 10/F, Pacific Trade Centre, 2 Kai Hing Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: 2110 4916       Fax: 2110 4917
Email :